Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Emily Tull Exhibition at Nice Things Ramsgate

FOUND THIS ON TWITTER have I ever said I LIKE TWITTER. Heee heeee i was shouting to get your attention. Emily is an artist who has grabbed my attention.In her own words she describes what she does as  iI am striving to close the gap to what is deemed 'craft' and what is 'art'. Her work will be at Nice Things in Ramsgate Nice Things 19-21 Harbour Street Ramsgate CT11 8HA. Now that is one beautiful location. Have I ever mentioned I used to live in Ramsgate.
Sorry I digress Harbour Street is opposite the Harbour arm and the new Weatherspoons. I also discovered Nice Things is doing a WINTER OPEN ART EXHIBITION click here for exhibiting details
I Love Twitter it is an endless journey of discovery. Here are a few pictures of Emily's work and a  poster for Nice Things Winter Open Art


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