Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Afternoon walk in Pegwell and Bacon & Brie Sarnie at the Boating Lake Ramsgate

By the time I was up washed and dressed it was almost lunch time. We had phoned our mate Phil and all three of us headed out to Pegwell nature reserve described on the Kent Wildlife trust website as :- A complex mosaic of habitats of international importance for its bird population. to me it is our local nature trail and we often visit to blow the cobwebs and get close to nature. In the couple of months since we were last there a new electricity cable has been imported from Belgium according to someone I accosted in a hi viz jacket and hard hat (him not me). I knew it was planned but now I know it to be a reality.
one of the electricity cable laying thingies but no Hi viz jacketed man

I am always amazed by amount of snails at Pegwell they seem to thrive there and todays photos were many but here is one of the little critters and it shows their head for heights or maybe they know a hi tide is due? and another show some of the gorgeous markings.
Beautiful markings
A head for Heights
Old Mans Beard living right on the edge
Autumn is just around the corner and despite today's temperature being in the low twenties I had expected it to be much cooler and had a cardigan draped over my legs just in case (I was once a cub scout and their motto is be prepared) The trees were all laden with red jewels ready to temp birds as they arrive from colder climes ready to winter in England
A little further I tried to photograph a huge dragon fly but even electrically propelled in my wheelchair I couldn't get a picture of  it! But here is a Common Darter I manage to sneek up on and I managed to snap a Buff Tailed Bee asking a Dandelion whats the time

Common Darter
Buff Tailed Bee asking a Dandelion whats the time

After all this exercise we had to recoup our energy so drove from the reserve to Ramsgate Boating Lake  Cafe to try one of there wonderful Bacon and Brie Sandwiches and a mug of Milky Coffee. I would have taken a photo had I not left the camera in the car  such was the rush to get to our food.

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  1. Hi Don, a super place for nature. All lovely photos! "Buff Tailed Bee asking a dandelion for the time." Gave me a chuckle, thank you :). Well, that six weeks in the Girl Guides prepared me too. I was such a whimpy little girl, first mention of a camping trip I was out of there. The thought of all those creepy crawlies gave me the shudders and here I am now, searching them out so that I can photograph them. Go figure! But the 'Be prepared!" motto stuck at least :) Denise xxx


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