Monday, 19 June 2017

Amazing what you remember and what Google knows

It was obviously three years ago  that I watched the programme because when I came to do a google search all I could remember was it was about limestone fissures and the words micro climate. So typing  into google I went in search. Well it only returned 220,000 results so I was going to be in for the long haul. The first results were all about limestone caves in France I have a friend who actually moved to France so he could go caving mad completely mad, why would anyone want to crawl into a tiny whole and go exploring, each to their own! Further down the page guess what I found? details on the BBC website from the episode I was looking for. I had hit the jackpot on my seventh returned search result. Now I know that it doesn't always end that way google is good but it does depend on what you ask it to search for. This morning I typed it in again and seven pages in I still hadn't found the page so I clicked back space and went back to see if I had missed it.
What I had missed was google asking me did I mean limestone micro climates or did I want limestone microclimates. You see the difference one single space made all the difference. Only 708,000 results now and yes number seven of those was
You see all I had remembered was two words from three years ago and I was away. I have actually forgotten why I remembered limestone micro climates or more importantly limestone microclimates but remembered them I had and now I can fill my boots on useless facts about the stuff that lives in those fissures away from the cold prevailing winds of the Yorkshire Dales. The show had obviously left an enduring marker on my memory and I managed to find it all on my own and with just a little bit of help from Google.

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