Friday, 5 May 2017

Why are our Roads full of potholes

I am in a wheelchair full time and am lucky enough to have a wheelchair accessible car. Now it is wonderful to be able to drive the wheelchair into the car and be transported around it widens my horizons and relieves the boredom. What I don't like is the potholes and bad road surfaces not just here in Thanet but over most of the Kent roads. Kent County Council are responsible for our road surfaces and I have copied this from the BBC WEBSITE
As the weather changes and roads thaw out from the winter months, we're entering pothole season.
In one week last month, Kent County Council received more than 600 calls about potholes, the highest in the past year.
We want you to tell us about the state of Kent roads.
Are potholes a problem near you? Give us a call 03459 811111.
And after 07:00 GMT the BBC Radio Kent Breakfast Show with John and Maggie will hear how potholes are filled in and speak to the RAC Foundation about reporting potholes. You can listen here .
See the full article here on the BBC website

I am fed up being bounced around in the wheelchair so I hope KCC will soon spend some money fixing the counties roads especially those here in Thanet

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