Monday, 15 May 2017

Twitter Works for Thanet Business The Warwick Hotel

Those who follow me will know I love Twitter. I have recounted so many examples of me finding people and businesses because of their presence on Social Media  be it Twitter Facebook Instagram on Pinterest also one of my loves I can spend hours saving and loving Pins. Today I am going to tell you about The Warwick Guest House Located in funnily enough Warwick Road in Cliftonville Margate , CT9 2JU
  I added the postcode for anyone with a satnav which I am reliably informed most people have with today's smart Phones, I am a ludite when it comes to mobile phones. I used to deliver milk to the Warwick when I occasionally helped a neighbour out on his milk round and that was a long long time ago in the last Century. So if you are thinking of a hotel in Thanet try the Warwick Guest House Great Rooms Reasonable Rates

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