Sunday, 14 May 2017

Thanet is the Kentish Riviera, The destination for Artists of all forms of Art

I spend far to much time on Twitter but stuck here in my wheelchair it gives me an escape, I have just been tweeting a lot about a new gallery here in Margate EclecTicArt I cant find a Facebook page or website so here is their twitter link EclecTicArt
This got me to thinking that we have become The new art destination for up and coming artists of all genre. We have ceramicists and painters we have musicians and jewelry makers in fact the whole spectrum of art makers has navigated their way to Thanet and it has worked its artistic ways across Thanet Margate Ramsgate and Broadstairs are Thanets main towns but I know of artists in Birchington Westgate Minster and Acol and I image all points in between.
I love Linocut I am rubbish at it but if I go to the trouble of spending days  doing a birthday card you know it has my own blood in it literally. My last effort took about a week because I can only work for a few minutes at a time and being stuck in a wheelchair it has its own limitations. We are extremely lucky to have a Linocut aficionado here in Margate none other than Nick Morley  who I first discovered via Twitter I love (twitter) he has Hello Print Studio in the Resort Studios Resort Studios is a collective of creative professionals located in Margate (I pinched that from their website) It is located in the Pettman Building Pettman Building 50 Athelstan Road Cliftonville, 
Margate Kent, CT9 2BHVisit by appointment:+44 (0)1843 449454 (guess where I pinched that from)
A short while ago I was tweeting about  a jewellery maker and as I am tying I am tweeting to and fro with Emilly Tull and her connection with eclecTicArt in Broad Street Margate
Margate and Ramsgate have gone art crazy over the recent past and I am delighted to live in Thanet and enjoy the marvels that we are lucky to have on our doorstep. Broadstairs has always been a bit arty with its links to the East Kent College and the FOLK WEEK. As a whole the Island is The Art Destination on the Kentish Riviera. Thanet is Home to the Turner Contemporary Gallery overlooking the sea just as J.M.W.Turner would have done Two Hundred Years ago and he is quoted as to have spoken to John Ruskin about Thanet Skies (taken from the Turner Contemporary website)For Turner, location was of great importance. He remarked to the influential writer and art critic John Ruskin that “…the skies over Thanet are the loveliest in all Europe”. The unique quality of light in this part of Kent drew Turner back time and again.
 So if Thanet was good enough for J.M.W.Turner maybe the current artists who are calling Thanet home can be somewhere near as successful in their own chosen fields, after all Success breeds success

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