Friday, 5 May 2017

Staycation don't go abroad for holiday

It's easy for me to say I won't be going on holiday let alone going overseas! I will be spending what little money we have here in the United Kingdom. We always try and support local businesses, not fanatically supermarkets play an important part in our shopping habits (they could do more to use local supplies but that's another story) local shops get our support to. But millions of people are planning holidays out of the country and all I am saying is think about spending your time and money here at home. Billions of pounds will go out of the country and if some of that money remains here at home it can change lives. I have a picture on my laptop (I am writing this on my kindle tucked up in bed) it reads along the lines of money spent in small independent shops won't line the pockets of shareholders, it buys a little girl piano lessons, a young lad son some football boots. It keeps shops in your home town open and gives jobs to your local people. I will dig it out tomorrow but for tonight just think about supporting the local coffee shop get your paper from the corner newsagents and book a week in a UK hotel rather than jetting off to foreign climes. Night folks, just so you know I will be here in Thanet the Kent Riviera.

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