Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Another marvellous Thanet Bank Holiday

Visitors once again flocked to Thanet to be beside the seaside. Margate Ramsgate and Broadstairs were the destinations of c hoice for both day trippers and weekend break takers (is that grammatically correct?). Friends who own local businesses reported good trade despite the weather or maybe it was because of the weather? Who knows what denotes good weather someone once told me there is no such thing as bad weather just bad choices for clothing. I agree if it is cold wrap up warm, if it is raining wear a coat and if it is sunny wear Sun cream. Broadstairs has always been a popular destination with visitor due to its historical connections with Charles Dickens but history abounds throughout the Isle of Thanet. Even the fact we are called the Isle of Thanet is because way back in history we were cut off from the mainland!
TBC it is late and I need my beauty sleep.

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