Thursday, 13 April 2017

Visiting Thanet this Easter weekend

With a Blog name such as Promote Thanet I have been very quiet on the blog from lately. To be honest I can't be bothered. It is not that I dont like Thanet anymore, I love living here and I want everyone and their dog to know all about this beautiful place, it is just I  have lost my Mojo which having done a Google search is located at 2A Dane Hill Margate. Strange that my Mojo is there as I have never visited the place but Google after all is the font of all Knowledge!
It is at 2A Dane Hill according to Google
I jest, I have been feeling a bit down.I always proclaim the best two tablets I take each day are my antidepressants they keep me going but since Christmas I have found it very difficult to motivate myself, I put it down to SAD Syndrome or the fact my Multiple Sclerosis has been busy chipping away at my body. MS sucks. So sorry to all three of my regular readers (only joking it is two really) I must try harder.
Easter is here and as usual Thanets independent businesses are gearing up for visitors to the seaside. And yes we have lots of seaside here in Thanet twenty some odd  miles of marvelous sandy beaches with cliffs and coves awaiting visitors. I tend to promote Margate a bit more than Ramsgate and Broadstairs because I live in Margate. I very rarely do posts about Birchington or Westgate but I love all of this marvelous Isle equally but I am biased in equal measure if that makes sense, and I rarely do make sense so put up with it.
Come on down and visit Thanet maybe Margate (we have the Camra beer festival) Broadstairs it has Sun sea and sand plus ice cream at Morellis and Ramsgate with its Royal Harbour and seafood fish n chips etc. Thanet has something for everyone, Art Galleries galore and restaurants and cafes History going back till history way just the here and now, in fact here and now will soon become history so make sure you visit Thanet and make some history now before it gets used up.

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