Monday, 27 March 2017

Sport in Thanet YOU can because there is only ONE YOU

I have never belonged to a gym or done any keep fit regimes but  until I became ill with Multiple Sclerosis I like to think I was reasonably fit but now that fitness has been replaced by frustration. I can't walk and am in an electric wheelchair to get around, I do use a few weights but I am according to my children and grandchildren completely broken . Tonight my wife helped out our daughter by collecting and taking  two of our grandchildren to different sports activities. They do football jujitsu kick boxing and rugby and are always on the go. This got me to thinking about sport clubs here in Thanet. Take football, we have both Margate and Ramsgate football clubs and dozens of both junior football teams. Our son used to play football all over Kent his mum still moans about being a taxi service ferrying him to and fro matches. Our daughter's used to play both hockey and netball, in fact one still plays netball and often marks a lady still playing into her late sixties.
What I have mentioned are the things I have family experience of. But I know of countless other sporting activities via both Twitter and Facebook. Squash clubs golf clubs American Football team's ladies football cricket clubs baseball team's and the list goes on. The reason for this post is to get behind the ONE YOU NHS scheme to help people choose a healthy lifestyle. I just took the
ONE YOU QUIZ give it a try
I am as I mentioned Broken, I only manage to walk about five meters with a zimmer frame and some days I cant even manage that but I know I need to keep myself as well   as possible and I urge anyone reading this to consider looking at the  One You website

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