Thursday, 23 March 2017

Preparation for the summer season in Thanet

I imagine at every seaside resort around the country businesses are all looking forward to the fast approaching summer season. The days are getting longer, I heard somewhere on the radio I thing day length grows at half an hour a week this time of the year. I could Google it but it sounds about right and I am noticing the days are getting longer and the mornings are brighter so if I am a few minutes out who cares Summer is on it's way. My son in law base been painting his cafe and we went to Ramsgate earlier this week and the boating pool cafe were checking the boats over and refilling the pool.
All around the Island shops and cafes bars and boutique' s are sprucing up for the fast approaching summer season. Easter is just a few weeks away and that will kick start the influx of visitors. Margate has seen somewhat of a renaissance and people are taking winter breaks but the real visitors come when the summer is here. Personally I have always preferred the winters in Thanet it is quieter without all of those visitors but without them nobody earns a living. The tourist industry is what brings in the money for so many here in Thanet. Since the Turner contemporary opened Thanet is not so quiet during the winter months. The growing Artistic community here in Thanet has been responsible for year round visitors and with visitors numbers being  more consistent other shops have begun to open. This in turn has led to more people moving to the area drawn by property prices that are attractive to people eager for a better life style living by the sea and sand.
Thanet house prices have risen in recent years but people moving out of London to live by the sea are snapping up homes and businesses here at a fraction of what they would have to fork out in the capital.

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