Monday, 27 February 2017

Ten portions of fruit and vegetables daily?

Stuart Heritage: ‘The effects of 10 a day sound miraculous, but it sounds a bit much, doesn’t it?’ Photograph: Linda Nylind for the Guardian
I have written about eating my five a day in the past if not on this blog one of my other's. Now the goal posts have been moved the new recommendations are that you aim for ten a day! I was watching the breakfast news a few days back and they were asking about people's consumption of fruit and vegetables, one chap when asked about fruit consumption said he never eats fresh fruit because he doesn't know how to prepare it. I was somewhat baffled by this. Fruit is a ready made snack! An Apple is ready packaged just pick one from the fruit bowl and bite into it for possibly the fastest food fix ever. Fast food from McDonald's is positively slow by comparison and you will have eaten your apple before they have taken your Big Mac order.
But even though I am a firm believer of eating my five a day I think I will struggle with ten a day. This morning I had dried apricot on my porridge during the morning I grazed on grapes, we always have a bunch of grapes on the go. I then ate an apple all before lunch then things went a bit slow tomato soup I have just checked counts towards your five a day and salad for tea. Five portions but five portions short of the new recommendations! So if I am struggling how is the guy who never buys fresh fruit because he cannot prepare it. Maybe he will go from zero to five but I am going to struggle to increase my fruit and veg intake.
Note to self ; must try harder

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