Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Staycation here in Thanet

I love living here in Kent and call Margate my home and I am so lucky to live in this wonderful corner of England. Kent is often described  as The Garden of England and I am not going to disagree. I grew up on a small mixed arable farm with sheep, pigs, chickens and cherries. You can't beat a good Kentish cherry straight from the tree, in my mind Kent strawberries come close but without the added bonus of spitting the pip (come on we all spit the pips)
As I said I now live in sunny sandy Margate. Thanet has over twenty miles of beautiful sandy beaches and coves and at anytime of the year the beach is the place to be, in the summer building sandcastles and on a bracing winters day a walk with the collar turned up and hands deep in your pockets it is invigorating and makes you glad to be alive.
The reason for writing this post is to encourage more people to Thanet but my ulterior motive is to encourage people to spend time and money on staycationing (IS THERE SUCH A WORD?) The word Staycation has crept into the English language and according to The Telegraph people abandoning holidays on the Costas has been a huge bonus to our home grown holiday industry. The article I read said millions were on staycation and adding Billions to the UK economy. Now with a blog name like Promote Thanet I want people to visit Thanet but with all of the problems around the world with ISIS etc and now with Donald Trump in the USA and the Brexit here at home, people are thinking twice about spending time overseas. there is no place like home. Shops Hotels etc all benefit from tourism, be it a day trip to the coast or a weeks break anywhere in the UK the money spent makes a real difference to the locals. Buying British helps everyone, taxes paid into the British exchequer enable schools and hospitals to exist and our welfare state to exist. So instead of flying off to somewhere exotic consider spending your holidays at home.
Not wishing to alarm people but 30 Brits died in a shooting on a beach in Tunisia in 2015, ISIL were responsible for the deaths. Nowhere is safe from terrorism but British beaches are home and as the saying goes

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