Saturday, 4 February 2017

Relocation Relocation Relocation to Thanet

I know it is a play on words of the name of a famous TV show but Thanet is proving to be a magnet for people relocating to the coast. I did it thirty five years ago when we moved to Ramsgate and as most people know we are now the other side of the island in Margate. I love it here in Thanet our kids have grown up here we have had a beach hut at Westbrook for more years than I care to remember, I struggle to get onto the sands nowadays wheelchairs dont like sand, yes I know most of our beaches have specialist beach wheelchairs but I can no longer get out of my wheelchair and into the Beach in reach chairs my body just won't work. Thanet has so many sandy beaches to explore and when I was mobile before my caved in to Multiple Sclerosis I used to have so much beach based fun and I still enjoy going to the beach, I just don't build sandcastles anymore.
Property prices  here in Thanet  are so much less expensive than other areas in the South East and many many people have moved here from London and invested into the area. I was always in favour of the Turner Contemporary and its effect on the area has been enormous. There has been so much investment into Thanet with the TC being in the vanguard. Loads of page inches has been written by journalists and  magazines have written about the area in glowing terms I myself have always tried to show this little corner in a good light and I must admit when it comes to the way the council conducts itself that has not always been possible. I try not to write about the rights and wrongs of local governance,  where ever you live local authorities are always seen in a bad light at some point and Thanet is no different. Many shops will be closing up and down the country when the Business Rate changes come into effect later this year and with any businesses looking to relocate I can say the place I call home is open and welcoming.
A few years back I can remember Mary Portas being called into try and breathe new life into the area. Now people must be wondering why because Thanet is thriving, yes we have our problems but as I mentioned so do most areas no matter where you look in the country. Margate is where I call home and if you are thinking of relocation you could call this wonderful area your home too!

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