Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Garden birds

I am not feeling the full ticket, I had a blocked catheter on Friday and it has messed with my MS and I have been in bed ever since. Well today I am downstairs sitting in the wheelchair watching the birds on the garden feeders, I have a pair of Parakeets gorging themselves on sunflower hearts and directly below them are two pigeons fighting of the the spilt seed. It was quiet comical but as is often the way with feeding birds something has spooked them  and they have flown off. I still have a Blue Tit and a couple of Coal Tits in the tree. It wont be long before the birds start pairing up and searching out suitable nesting locations. I have a terrace of nest boxes three separate homes in one box. I put it up hoping to attract Sparrows  but over the years it has had several families of tits nest but never once has a Sparrow even glanced at it, the best laid plans and all that. Well it seems all of the birds have gone so I am heading off to, I can feel an afternoon nap coming on.

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