Friday, 24 February 2017

Broadstairs Albion Hotel

I love Broadstairs, the whole thing, the whole place is great! Thanet is wonderful, I love it here, Margate is where I live and have done for more years than I care to remember but Broadstairs is wonderful in a different way. I can remember taking our son on a day trip to Broadstairs by train. He had never been on a train and he must have been three or four and we did the whole day tripper thing swimming and sand castles cafe lunch. He was to young to remember it but he loved the train journey I can remember that.
Earlier this week Heather's aunt and uncle came for a day trip, they live in West Sussex. They wanted to take us out for lunch and we all headed over to Broadstairs and settled on the Albion Hotel. We like it there and now so do Heathers aunt and uncle. Prawn sandwiches all round garnished with a nice bit of salad and the prawns were dressed in crab mayonnaise. Delicious and washed down with a pint.
My electric wheelchair got in easily and negotiating the route visuals OK, a little tite but manageable and the service was first class. All in all a great day out by the seaside but no sandcastles.

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