Sunday, 1 January 2017

Age means nothing to art Etel Adnan at 91 speaks truths about our need for Art in todays world

 I am writing this immediately after have read an interview with Ethel Adnan who at the age of 91 has rissen to fame in the world of art read the full article here
At the age of 91, Adnan has lived through many political earthquakes, but these have only made her more resolute in her conviction that “in times of trouble we need even more art and not less. It is not an extra, it is not superfluous, something marginal: it is something fundamental.” She may have reservations about the art world, but there is no doubt the art world needs Etel Adnan.

The words I have hi-lited  in blue rang true with me. Here we are in the midst of world turmoil and faced on all sides with problems yet a simple picture drawn by a six year old can make anyone smile. It  can light the face of the depressed the homeless and the hurting but what do we do? we cut back on the frivolous the unnecessarily. There is no place for enjoyment when you have nowhere to call home no food an security. But surely there is a space for the beauty seen by that six year old flower painter.  This reminds me of an anecdote about a teacher asking a  young child what he was painting I am painting a picture of God,” he responds. The teacher laughs. “No one knows what God looks like,” she says. “Well they will know when I finish my painting wont they!

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." - Pablo Picasso 

Yep  there you have it from the mouth of babes to a near centenarian art maters and its purpose is to make our daily life just that little bit brighter.

I love this one but:-

this one is my favourite

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