Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Bristol Stand For Freedom anti Slavery weekend

I know this is not a thing that is promoting Thanet, but it is promoting an event happening in Bristol to hi-lite the worldwide slavery trade.
We are hosting a STAND FOR FREEDOM on the 19th-20th November to raise awareness for the estimated 36 MILLION SLAVES in the world today.
Stand for Freedom is a 24 hour event where we will stand together in front of the Victoria Rooms in protest against this crime, and share with people who don't realise that slavery is a huge problem today. We will have posters and a petition putting pressure on the uni to make sure their products are ethically sourced. You don't need to be an expert on slavery to help us, we need more people to generate more attention and we can provide you with the facts.
We are inspired by International Justice Mission, a charity you can check out here
Obviously we don't expect people to stand for the whole 24 hours! So we've split the day into 2 hour slots so pick one (or two!) and sign up on the doodle poll below if you're passionate about helping to end slavery. For those of you who have already signed up (thank you!) you can check your times on the poll. We want at least 4 people per slot so please try to pick the emptier ones!

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