Thursday, 25 August 2016

Ramsgate Seaside Rocks Festival on now

Ramsgate like Margate is enjoying some what of a Renaissance. Hotels and hostelries throughout Thanet are enjoying an influx of visitors either trippers or staycationers (is there such a word). The world ha become somewhat jaded with attacks and disputes around the globe and many people have voted with their feet and decided to holiday at home, This blog has always promoted the many attributes of visiting Thanet. As a family we relocated here over thirty years ago and as an incomer I have enjoyed almost every minute and started the blog PromoteThanet to do just that let other people know about the joy of living here on the southeastern tip of Britain. The reason for todays post is the Ramsgate Seaside Rocks Festival.
When we first moved to Thanet as a family we set up home in Ramsgate and enjoyed the many activities the town had to offer and the reason for this blog post is the current festivity  Ramsgate Seaside Rocks Festival is typical of the fun to be had in and around the historic Royal Harbour area. A full itinerary is listed on the VISIT THANET WEBSITE so I wont recreate it here I am sure if you have read thus far you are interested enough to follow the link. I wish every success to the festival and am sure the visitors will enjoy their time in Thanet.

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  1. In the agreement, there is a long-stop date of three and a half years with measurable milestones, by which the site must be developed. If it is not developed then the council has an option to buy it back. The first milestone relates to the completion of piling (and certified practical completion of that piling) for the hotel within two years. The second milestone relates to completion of the building works so they are ready to be fitted out within three and a half years. If those milestones are not met, the council has an option to purchase the site back from Cardy Ramsgate Limited.

    Note the agreement signed by the previous Labour administration forces TDC to buy their own site back if it isn't developed. Now remind me isn't that what happened to Peterborough Council in 2010. It cost them £8M to get their land back and it cost Hill nowt. Nice little earner.


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