Thursday, 21 July 2016

Shop Local Ramsgates Michaels Bookshop bombed by shopbombers

I am happy to report no one was hurt or anything damaged!! I have just read on Michael's Thanetonline blog that the shop-bomb was in fact Ramsgate's very own  RAMSGATE LOCAL SHOPPERS group spending cash with local shops to keep the area buoyant and money going ito the tills of local independent shops. What a brilliant idea. I am linking to their Facebook Page HERE to enable you to learn more about the work of the wonderful group.  For those who who are not familiar with Michael,s Bookshop it is located in King Street Ramsgate opposite the Plains of Waterloo, it holds a massive stock of books and Michael publishes around 100 local history books about Margate Ramsgate and Broadstairs. Here is a link to his website the page it will bring you to is the first book he published on Local  History titled 1736 The History and Antiquities as well Ecclesiastical as Civil of the Isle of Tenet, in Kent The Second Edition, With Additions.   Ideal for local history buffs and those seeking to trace family trees and Genealogies. 
I have always Michael accommodating, he often puts pictures of his latest stock onto his blog site and I have rung him up and reserved a book I have seen on the site. He also offered me the alternatives which he had and sometimes his recommendations have been better than what I had seen and it is not a sales ploy as in some cases he has had a cheaper alternative.  That is the thing  with putting your trust into an Independent trader they see the long term picture I am happy to go and spend time with Michael  rather than the amazons and waterstones because Michael cares for his customers and wants your business for a long time not just once. And for those who are not as lucky as me to live in Thanet Michael posts his books to you and accepts PAYPAL payments. 

No doubt I will be on the police radar now for mentioning shop bombs so much  but the act of shopping local is an important one because if we dont use our local shops they will disappear and all the choice and service with them. SHOP LOCAL or as they say on their logo LIVE LOCAL, LOVE LOCAL, SHOP LOCAL.

Ramsgate Local Shoppers

Michael's Bookshop from Plains of Waterloo

A photo of the ladies in Michael's Bookshoo

local history books that are published by Michael

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