Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Open Top Bus Service for Thanet

I have just seen parts of  Thanet will be served by the Number 69 Open Top Bus this summer. Who doesn't love an open top bus. And most important of all is its route includes the Ramsgate Boating Pool which means Bacon and Brie sandwiches at the cafe what better reason do you need to tour Thanet. Yes I know there are loads of cafes and places to eat on the route but a couple of weeks back I blogged on my Disabled Don Blog about the Boating Pool cafe and the doorstep bread for the bacon and brie sandswiches

Yep I know I eat my way around Thanet but when we have so many great places serving delicious food someone has to sacrifice themselves to keep you informed.

Stagecoach website Open top bus details

My Disabled Don Blog about my exploits in a wheelchair in Thanet

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