Sunday, 5 June 2016

Watching the Goldfinches in my garden

I spend a lot of time bird watching. I first got interested in birds and nature over fifty years ago and still have my Observers book of birds which my sister bought me for my birthday all those years ago. My love of birds has never diminished it for me is the best thing for a bought of depression or a rough day. I see a sparrow and my heart sings and if I hear a wren sing I stop and listen. They are the wonders of my world, not at wonderful as my grand children or my family but the place I can retreat to. As I sit here typing this I keep pausing as something visits the bird feeders or as a Blackbird is doing now investigates the garden for worms. It is pure escapism for me. Before I started writing this I had been watching some Goldfinches, a whole crowd of them which I believe is called a charm of goldfinches. Whenever I pick up the camera lately the birds go camera shy and being stuck in this wheelchair means all of my photos are taken through the glass of our backroom window. Heather manages some good shots whilst sitting on our back steps, they are the reason I am unable to get into the garden,  wheelchairs don't do stairs. Here are a few recent pictures of our garden birds.
If this good weather keeps up I may be able to get out to Stodmarsh nature reserve or to Pegwell and see some different species.

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