Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Margate Mercury The new Magazine for Kents Hottest Hotspot

I love twitter and spend far to much time tweeting, I am almost up to fifty thousand tweets. I tweet mainly to Promote Thanet which as you know is the name of this blog, if you didn't you do now! I discover all manner of  nice people via twitter, people who are trying to start up a new venture be it a shop cafe bar or like the business I am going to talk about here a new free independent magazine about Margate, the UK's most talked-about seaside town (The bit in italics I pinched from their twitter feed) I know how hard it is getting something like that off the ground and up and running. Anyone remember Harry Lambert the founder of Adscene he lived thee doors down from my now wife and I remember his family going out poking copies through doors around Thanet.
Well this brings us to the name of this fantastic free hip and with it (what do hip and with it actually mean?) MARGATE MERCURY now you have to be honest that is a pretty cool name for a magazine. It does what it says on the tin (did I ever tell anyone I  used to be a sales rep for Ronseal) It is a magazine for and about Margate and it takes the temperature of the area and conveys the hot and rising stuff and puts it out there. I don't have a clue what I am writing about but it sounds good doesn't it? The magazine is being distributed via outlets such as the Sands Hotel (I had lunch there  last week and loved it fantastic ham hock turrine) and places like The Two Halves Micro Pub (I update their Facebook page) click here for stockist list
The magazine is the brain child of Lizzy Tweedale and Clare Freeman and was bought to life via Kickstarter which just shows the power of Social Media and Crowdfunding.
I wish Clare and Lizzy all the best for the magazine and ask you all to go out and find a copy to read or if you have a business contact them about featuring in the next issue.

Find them as I did Twitter  You can also visit their Website and also follow them on Facebook 
I obtained these photos from Instagram





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