Sunday, 19 June 2016

Margate Harbour sunset and added bonus of a seal

I had been stuck indoors all day so as the sun was heading towards the horizon Heather suggested a quick ride to see the sunset. We ended up at Margate Harbour and she got  the camera and stood on the sea wall watching the sunset. We were in the disabled spaces at the Turner Contemporary car park and I sat in the car its such a phaf getting the wheelchair out for a few minutes. Heather managed to get the clouds that look like a crocodile and the sun as it slipped away. then an unexpected bonus there was a seal playing in the surf. I have yet to see one but several members of my family are getting sightings of seals around the Thanet coast. From Margate round to Pegwell bay everyone is seeing seals but me no I am stuck sat in  the car/wheelchair. I am not moaning I am jealous and I dont do jealousy but I WANT TO SEE A SEAL. Heather got a couple of pictures not great but enough to make me more determined to see some of Thanets Seal population this year even if it is via the Seal Watching trips from Ramsgate Harbour.


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