Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Craig Mackinlay votes UKIP

Yep you can take the man out of the party but you can't take the party out of the man.Craig Mackinlay is voting with his UKIP Mate fibber Farrage. He believes that we can regain the Empire and start exporting steam trains to far flung places. His ideals are as outdated as the Punkah Wallah but then he was a founding member of the party that longs for the return of the Raj. So hardly surprising he won't listen to reason when all you have to do is S P E A K   S L O W E R and S H O U T    L O U  D  E  R  and any people's or persons from any nation will understand. After all we Brits speak English we know how to deal with Johnny Foreigner. The facts of the matter are that UKIP scared the Tory Government into this referendum and come June 23 the Tories will tear themselves apart and a schism will divide UKIP loving Colonialists from the centre ground.
We have the added bonus here in Thanet of being able to watch this game show play out in the hunting ground of the lesser spotted Nigelieous Farrageous. Still with only a few days to go you pays yah money and yah takes yah choice. IN OR OUT.


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