Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Sunday Afternoon Drive

I have never entered a post to Good Fences before Nor have I ever doubled up on posts to Meme's but seeing as this is the day for firsts here goes.This post is for Skywatch Friday as well as Good Fences

Last weekend Heather and I had a long drive in the afternoon sunshine. We stopped near Godmersham which is between Canterbury  and Ashford and took some photos of the lambs skipping in the sun. here are our offerings.
Looks like a fairly new fence

With some sky in the right place

More sky and a bit of fence

The Sheep and Lambs thought we had food

For a week of firsts I am posting early but cannot sign in until Thursday

Here is a link to Godmersham College where these sheep live. Jane Austin, was a frequent visitor to Godmersham, often spending weeks at a time with her brother Edward, his wife Elizabeth and their children, for whom she was a much loved aunt. Godmersham is believed by many to be the inspiration for her novel Mansfield Park (1814). Taken from the College website.


  1. Hello, great fence shots. I love the sheep and little lambs. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!

  2. Lambs always seem to signal the coming of spring. It's very green there!

  3. Such gorgeous rural scenes. Interesting comment about the Jane Austen connection.

  4. hi there! a very NICE fence and cute herd it protects, too! thanks for joining!

  5. Good to see lambs springing into action! Great shots.

  6. These are lovely fence photos Don, cute ones of the curious sheep too. Denise xxx

  7. Thank you for taking part in the Saturday Silhouettes meme.


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