Thursday, 3 March 2016

Watching the birds, garden birds

I have just spent a very pleasant couple of hours sat next to the radiator gazing out to the garden watching the antics of all the different birds. At one stage the apple tree in next doors garden was alive this amorous Dunnocks  fighting over mates (the sex life of the dreary looking Dunnock puts fifty shades to shame). I have seen all manner of popular garden birds today. Blue Tits the nations favourite have been checking out the nesting boxes but there again so have Great Tits and Coal Tits. Gold finches have been busy on the feeders and we had a small invasion of the beautiful green Ring Necked Parakeets. We put a few apples into a feeder for them and they are a joy to watch as they try and get their fill. I was happily sitting here being entertained and the builders working next door have started using a noisy angle grinder which has resulted in everything disappearing. I recommend sitting and watching the birds, it is relaxing and it is free. Enjoy.
Gold finch picture from RSPB website
Find out more about birds that frequent your garden from the RSPB website

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