Thursday, 25 February 2016

What are the most expensive keywords in Google AdWords?

I have google ads enabled on all of my blogs and when I saw a post on twitter entitled What are the most expensive keywords in Google I thought I dont know anything about what it costs. It turns out the most expensive words cost about fifty dollars (about £36.00 at todays rates) and those words area all related to insurance, loans and mortgages. But if you go down to specifics like car wreck attorney San Antonio it can run into figures in the mid hundreds one say such wording would cost the advertiser $670.44!! Google has Annual Revenue running into Billions of dollars most of the sites I checked averaged the turnover at approx five Billion Dollars per month. Not bad for directing some poor smuck who has been involved in a car wreck to an attorney who is willing to pay a small fortune to get you to click on his website. The person who ends up paying is that self same poor smuck and every other car driver in the form increased insurance premiums.

It is no coincidence that the most expensive keywords all revolve around Insurance loans and Mortgages with lawyers and credit following close behind. These results vary slightly between the United States and the United Kingdom. Five Billion dollars every month to save people a few seconds scrolling down the search page and finding their own Lawyer or Attorney to sort out their car insurance claim. Google are making the  choice easier. On this blog post you will see adverts showing stuff you have recently searched for. I just checked my Disabled Don Blog and there were adverts for a wheelchair hoist and a disability shower. I had recently searched for both on eBay. Google has some of the best search engines tools and its tentacles manage to get into every thing you ask for on any search engine right across the web. Pay Per Click advertising cost between a few cents or pence per click up to the hundreds of dollars/pounds I mentioned earlier. Some blog authors write their blog posts to draw visitors deliberately with posts with content about high value PPC adverts. So the person will land on their page whilst looking for car insurance and see an ad which will click on.
I must be the worst Blogger for Google because I do not go out of my way to create content on my posts that draw in high revenue clicks. Shame on me because some bloggers can earn small fortunes from adverts on their blogs.

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