Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Ron Scott Ice Factory Antiques and Shell Grotto leaflets

I have known Ron Scott for a good few years and always try and promote his huge Antique warehouse. Last week when I saw a tweet by his son Ben on twitter saying that they had leaflets for local Hotels Shops etc promoting  businesses in and around Grotto Road I immediately said I would blog about them. Without wanting to make this sound like an appeal for getting him more customers I say I am trying to Promote Thanet and in turn give visitors to Margate more places to visit.  R G Scott is only a couple of hundred yards from the Shell Grotto one of Margates and Thanets  premier visitor attractions. The Shop itself is housed in the Old Ice Works which in the days before household fridges supplied Ice to Hotels and Bars Shops and homes in Thanet. The Ice works is huge or do I mean enormous, 16,000 square feet of space packed with all manner of Antique's architectural salvage and items of interest you can imagine. Over the Ice Works three floors  it manages to play host to other businesses such as Rons son Ben  who runs Junk Deluxe which was founded in May '06 by Benjamin Scott. He had the vision of re-inventing the traditional junk shop for the disenchanted youth of the 21st Century, who are sick of the multi-national corporation.(that last bit came from the Junk Deluxe website)
Also on site are : ABIGAIL SIMPSON Her website tells you about her amazing ceramics and here is a link. to a video about her work HERE

Here is a picture of the leaflet: Call into Collect some . Lets promote Thanet to our visitors.

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