Wednesday, 24 February 2016

International Womens Day events in Thanet

With all the rantings going on between opposing sides on the EU BREXIT it is easy to forget the world carries on. One thing that has been of concern to me recently is Women. As a red blooded male I have always had an interest in Women but the is about the disparity of Women. I must say I have never really thought much about the Male/Female role. As a Father and a Husband I have always tried to provide for my family and be a role model. But the other side of being a Husband I have a Wife and she also is a role model. So if we have equality in the home why not in the work place. And dont get me started about religion where the female of the species is subservient to the male. Throughout the world Women get a raw deal and in some place can be stoned to death just because they are deemed worth less than men. So anything that raises the plight of Women must in my books be a good thing.
I have posted various items about POW Thanet which is Power of Women Thanet events presenting the first ever Thanet-wide ​celebration of International Women's Day! You can visit the website of POW!Thanet to see what has been organized a six day series of events in Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs which focuses this year on
the global theme of PLEDGE FOR PARITY

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