Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Made in Margate meeting January 7th

Made In Margate is an apolitical secular group of independent applied and fine artists based in and around Margate & East Kent.

The group offers informal support to artists who attend, in terms of peer-to-peer information, advice and guidance. In all cases, partnership, collaboration and joint events are facilitated and encouraged.

The group meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month (holidays excepted) between 7pm-9pm.
The Viking Gallery in Clifftonville hosts the meetings, providing tea, coffee and biscuits.
The meetings have lots of informal networking potential and a place where artists can actually get stuck into planning collaborations, shows and to swap ideas for selling work or promoting each other as a group.  We also bring work along for a show and tell.

Membership is by self-nomination and although the group is apolitical and secular, individuals who join do not have to be - its open to all. We just don't chat about politics or religion since it can be divisive.

A contribution pot is present at every meeting and attendees are invited to contribute (normally £2) for tea and coffee expenses, although this is not mandatory if a member is in a tight spot and poorer than the poor relation of the church mouse everyone goes on about.  We've all been there!

The group aims to feed into and draw on the excellent, but more formalised, work of Kent Creative Arts and the Kent Creative Live events already in operation. Our gang is pretty informal at present and we hope to keep it that way.

The Viking Gallery have confirmed that once a year, the group can hold a dedicated group show, with an ongoing space for the group to offer a changing display of applied and fine art for sale.
We are always looking for more strategic partners, if that means 'as a collective' we can become more effective for our individual gang members.

Call Andy Jardine (Viking Gallery Manager) or drop him a message on 07776433946, if you have any questions.

Viking Gallery - Clifftonville Avenue. Cliftonville. Margate, Kent CT9 2AH GB


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