Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Staycation helps local economy

I have been in bed all day today my multiple sclerosis has reduced my body to a gibbering wreck, I had to go in the wheelchair to cross the landing earlier. I use a zimmer frame normally and the feeling of disappointment that my already rubbish body couldn't make it ten feet was enormous. This feeling of complete inability to cope is all encompassing. I have had Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis for over twenty years and it has gradually taken away my body and left rubbish in its place. Being in bed today has given my body the chance to restore and after sleeping for about eighteen hours. I started watching some television.
I detest adverts with a passion so normally try and only watch the BBC channel s or listen to radio. It's odd I don't have the same distain for radio advertising maybe it just a visual thing? Having seen the BBC offerings on this afternoon I ventured further Dow the viewing channels than normal and in doing so came across holiday adverts. Lots of holiday adverts. This got me to thinking. I spend a lot of time pushing the shop local ethos. If everyone spent more money where they live the shops would be better and you would be supporting location independent businesses.
    This got me thinking about holidaying, no not jetting off to Spain or Italy but if those people who are spending thousands going abroad spent that money here in England in area's that have been devastated by the floods how great would that be. I know lots of people who have a couple of holidays per year. By spending your cash here in the UK you would be supporting so much more. How about it then. Support for local businesses in the UK and help rebuild those communities devastated by the floods.

Help Tadcaster by spending your summer in the area to rebuild the area

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