Saturday, 3 October 2015

Broadstairs Shed news

 Broadstairs Shed Appeal; taken from the shed Facebook Page

Those of you who've been to the Shed know that it's perfectly formed, but very small.
N.B. this is a long message, but please read on…
So, we've identified a potential new home which will enable us to accommodate a lot more Shedders (we have a waiting list), make more lovely things and continue to help our community.
So here's the but… BUT… it needs some TLC, well ..quite a lot,
( Not as much as this building, just kidding, but it caught your attention, right..) and lots of expertise to help us make it into the fantastic space we know it can be.
We're not afraid of hard work and will all get stuck into the labour element of making the space into a brilliant workshop, but we need some professional help with aspects of the surveying and therefore costing of the refurb. If you are/know of any of the following locally that might like the idea of guiding and advising the team, we SO love to hear from you please :
Electrician, Central Heating/Air Conditioning engineer, Sheet roof specialist and Project Manager. Thank You.

A shed can dream right?

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