Thursday, 17 September 2015

Ten Ships off Margate

I was proved right again today. I have needed a haircut for the last few weeks and for reasons  beyond my control I have not been able to get to the barber's. I have been unwell or had to wait in for the district nurse, who incidentally still hasn't come to change my catheter. But on the way to the barber's we went Palm Bay Avenue which is one of my favourite ship watching location' s, and sure enough there were ten ships on the horizon. Evidently my obsession with counting the ship's off Margate is now shared by many other Thanet residents and I often get updated on the numbers of ships, nineteen one day last week.
Well with the ship's counted Heather called into the Bethesda surgery to check the state of play and the district nurse is changing the catheter tomorrow. Next was Grades Hairdressers in Harold Road. I am wheeled in and stay in my wheelchair. My haircut of choice is a grade two all over, I get my eyebrows trimmed and have a jolly good laugh all for nine quid. I can remember a friend paying fourteen quid in nineteen ninety nine. It was the millennium celebration and we stayed at their place. I went to the barber's with him and nearly had a heart attack when I got charged all that money for a trim up.
Well that's been my day so I am signing off. Wish me luck for my catheter change because after ten days of promises I don't hold out much hope. Night folks.

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