Monday, 28 September 2015

Margate Adventure

Last Friday night The Pie Factory Margate opened its doors to an exhibition for Forbidden The Movie. As usual I never went to the opening night it is far better if I shelter people from my rapier sharp wit. The installation is only running for a week so today (Monday) Heather and I headed down to Margate Old Town and took in the Art work promoting the Eyes Front Productions Film which is being shot in Margate. We took in the video's and the posters plus the commissioned art work and then the shots of Ross Andrews doing his Sand Art for the Movie plus some of his seascape photography. Margate based Production company EyesFrontProductions is a new independent British production company based in Margate. Local to Margate Simon Roser has a love for Thanet and has worked on Many films and Projects all over but wanted to base Forbidden here in Margate.
Having looked at everything on show in the Pie Factory and chatted to several visitors we were in need of some refreshments so we left Ross with his customers and headed for the seafront. The destination I had in Mind was The Two Halves micropub. I love real ale and Shaun at The Two Halves serves a great pint. His beers are all served from the cask and are all craft ales. Last night I had the last of the Gadds Green Hop Ale as a takeaway when my son collected  Pizza from GBPizza I think The Two Halves has lots of people doing take out to drink with their Pizza from GBPizza, real Ale and real Pizza are a great combo. The Two Halves seemed the local traders meeting point. As I sat there minding my own business Tracy and Gregory from Ruskin Del La Mer tapped me on the shoulder and we caught up on the news. I spend a lot of time on Twitter and often tweet Tracy @RuskinRap 
or comment on their Facebook Pages their shop is only fifty yards further along at 12 Marine Drive, Margate. I was most upset not to have been in the shop recently when Paloma Faith visited Margate and  dropped in to say Hi. Tracy and Gregory went off to open the shop which is now working on winter  hours and opens at about twelve oclock. Sorry if anyone was waiting to buy gifts from them I did make them late for work so blame me for the delay. Next along came Wendy from Next door at Crafted Naturally Wendy is Pupkin the shop cats human, you can find Pumpkin on Facebook 
I see from Pumkins facebook page he is searching for a payrise as he has to model things for the shop as well as meet and greet all the customers. By Now I had  finished my Al Murray BBB (Beautiful British Beer) and Heather had finished her coffee and we headed off home.

I forgot to add we saw a seal. Whilst in The Two Halves Shaun pointed out to Heather the seal in the harbour. As usual I had left the camera at home so Sid the Seal is being identified as a harbour Seal as he was spotted in Margate Harbour.

GB Pizza Margate

Al Murray BBB

Crafted Naturally VW cushions

Ruskin del la mer Margate

Pumpkin says pleased to meet ewe

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  1. Super Blog Don, I love reading about your adventures.

    Michelle and Frazer xx


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