Monday, 21 September 2015

Housing Crisis rents rip off

I watched the Inside out program tonight about housing here in the Southeast. Yes we need hundreds of thousands of houses but I want to moan about rogue landlords. Up and down the country people are living in unsuitable and unsanitary homes. Those properties are often being paid for by housing benefit. The tax man is funding this and doing very little about changing the status quo. Here in Thanet we have a system of accredited landlords but it has done little to raise the quality of the accommodation and I cannot remember TDC saying no Mr Landlord we will not allow people to live in this squalor. And more to the point prosecute said landlord for taking government funds and not providing a quality product. at the end of the Day it is fraud and many departments are complicit in it. Not only here in Thanet but nationwide. The only reason the authorities keep shtum is if they start sorting it out they will need to accommodate people affected. And it is easier not to rock the boat. Can you imagine how many substandard properties there are in the UK? We are already short of houses and sorting the rented sector out would exacerbate the situation.


  1. TDC have no active engagement with accredited landlords, I became accredited via the suggestd KLAS scheme , took TDC 3 months to acknowledge joining, heard nothing since except a letter inviting me to join scheme on the letter half the events listed had already passed. Complete farce.
    Local goverment has plenty of mational statutes it can use to tackle poor housing, they choose not to. Within selective licensing they have imposed occupancy levels more stringent than national regulation, yet cannot offer overcrowded households suitable housing. I have a young couple in a one bedroom flat who since moving in have had 2 children, they cannot find suitable housing they can afford, no social housing available, because of selective licensing I have 2 bedroom flats considered too small (housing act contradicts this) which i cannot house them in. Situation is a farce.. There are poor landlords , but most offer good quality accomodation. A more balanced approach may be more helpful.


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