Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Beautiful Day here in Margate

After my trip to the Old Town yesterday I spent most of the day in bed recovering. Multiple Sclerosis is a funny old beast I only sat in the wheelchair and was pushed everywhere but even stimulating my mind exhausts me. Anything out of my norm wears me out. But I am out of bed now and out at the beautiful sunny day here in Margate. No I am not going out whizzing around Margate Old Town again. I could go a beer from Shaun at the Two Halves but I will give his craft Ale a miss for today.
I am sitting here looking out into the garden watching the Sparrows on the bird feeders, the sun is streaming in and I am going to have to move because I am actually getting to hot!
A recent Margate Sunset from The Two Halves

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