Friday, 18 September 2015

A day at home on social media

Yesterday's sortie into the big wide world left me exhausted today. Haircuts and counting the ship's bobbing up and down in the seas off Margate was more tiring than I expected, so today has been spent tweeting about local businesses and on Facebook. I love social media, not for myself but as a means of promoting local events and specials happening on this fair isle of Thanet. I am often tweeting about the specialty beers at The Two Halves micro pub on Marine Drive. Follow them @TheTwoHalvesAle
Or pop in they are next door to Bernies Chocolate Bar  and Crafted Naturally who are also on twitter as is GB Pizza and  Ruskin Del la met to name but a few of the social media savvy Old Town shops. Facebook and Twitter etsy and iPhones are the way of getting the word out there in the 21st Century. For an old man like me it still seems science fiction, I went to Saturday morning pictures and saw Buck Rodgers talking to a screen now my grandsons are face timing. I know several people who sell more stock via the internet than to 'real' people.  What amazes me is the amount of places and businesses that still have no idea about the internet and the manifold benefit' s it can provide for a small amount of effort. The internet works twenty-four hours a day everyday of the year. Going back to The Two Halves, I know of people visiting because the saw the tweets they put out. Free advertising, no but not far off. Most days I see people making enquiries via social media and often I see sales resulting because of items being seen on Facebook or Twitter, sales that often occur before stock is placed in the shop. If you don't know or understand social media ask around I wish I was well enough to use it to its full potential but I am not. Ahh Say La Vie.

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  1. Hello Don, places like Amazon make it very easy to spend money, that's all I'm saying ;) Denise xxx


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