Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Margates Dreamland by Twilight

Last night was spent enjoying the delights of Margate's newest yet oldest attraction. DREAMLAND. And Dreamland by twilight was quite  magical. Twilight tickets are only available for a few summer evenings in the school holiday season and last night a gang of us enjoyed the rides and thrills of a place that has entertained people for the last one hundred years. My gang was my family age range from primary school to sixty plus, I soon qualify for the sixty plus (I am not sure how that happened). We met up in the car park at five our daughter runs permanently ten minutes late so for five read five fifteen. By the time we had got through the turnstiles and the kids were gripping their tickets the and eager to get going on the rides.
Our first ride was the Gallopers. Much fun and laughter was had by all before disembarking and heading next door to the giant slides where some of the gang decided they were scared of height's.
The slippy slide was evidently running slow so two of the Dreamland Team set too with cans of spray polish and put the slip back into the slide. Of course I got to sit at the bottom and laugh as the gang slid down. As I was sitting there in my wheelchair  I saw lots of good looking young ladies all dressed in genuine retro clothes. They all stood together and I got these shots of them. They had obviously heard about all the vintage and retro shops in Margate's Old Town.

It was great to see another gang having as much fun as we were.
My arms are not long enough to do selfies so I  sat still and had my selfie taken for me. After having my piccie taken more rides and then off to find the Street food.

The street food selection was great and obviously everyone had different food. I settled on a coffee but the Thai Green Curry seemed to be most popular and obviously I had to have a taste even though I had eaten a roast dinner before leaving home. Just as well I was in the wheelchair as they would have dragged me up the Helter Skelter or onto the Barrel of Laughs but I settled for the Mirror Maze and laughed as my grandsons walked into mirrors convinced they had found the right way. By now time had got the better of us and those that wanted to got onto the last Dodgem Car ride of the day and we all headed off homeward. I had  to be helped to bed by our son watching others have fun is exhausting, it took me two days in bed to recuperate from Dreamland and all it has to offer. We only scratched the surface in our four hour Twilight visit so next time we will be having day tickets.

Dreamland Margate is fun for all the family. Come and visit soon.

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