Friday, 7 August 2015

Laptop not working

Sorry folks I try and post more often that this but my laptop is missing in action. The keypad stopped working and it is now on holiday with the repair people. The insurance I took out on it now looks better value. I am sorry folks but writing these few words on my kindle is driving me mad so hopefully back to normal sometime next week.

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  1. Hi Don. Seems like you and Michael Child are the only sensible local bloggers left and now your laptop has died!
    Guess I ought to support the cause by returning to the fray. I am now to be found at
    Please take a look and if you enjoy what you see, please add me to your blogroll list and tell your friends.
    Hope to have you back 'on air' soon and hope that your health will allow you to get out and about while the summer weather stays kind.
    Cheers and wishes


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