Friday, 14 August 2015

Got my Laptop back

Thats better the laptop came back today and it is working. Unfortunately it had to be wiped and I lost all my photos and stuff but hey you can't have your cake and eat it. I have been keeping up to date on the kindle but I can't type much on there it drives me made. I have to get thing sorted and I will start blogging again hope everything is OK in your world. Don

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  1. Welcome back. In case you missed / lost / wiped my last comment before your laptop mishap, here is the essence of it again. Now that you and Michael Child seem to be the last surviving local blogs of intelligence since Simon Moore got tired of blogging [shame!] I decided to keep the less political and more rational flag flying by relaunching my own 'general interest' rambles. Take a look at and if you feel it worthy, please add to your own blog list. Thanks and very best wishes.


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