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Consultation about A ten-week public consultation will run from 17 August 2015 to 26 October 2015.

 Thanet has some absolute awful housing stock and Thanet District Council has done a fine job raising the quality of the rented accommodation available. I have been cheering the efforts made by those involved in the selective licensing scheme. I cant believe that the present scheme is about to come to an end but the Council wants to hear your views on things and there is a ten-week public consultation will run from 17 August 2015 to 26 October 2015. Details at the end of this which I copied from the TDC website.

Selective A ten-week public consultation will run from 17 August 2015 to 26 October 2015.

Public Consultation, A Summary

What is proposed?

Thanet District Council is proposing to designate certain parts of the electoral wards of Margate Central and Cliftonville West as a selective licensing area under section 80 of the Housing Act 2004. The proposed designation concerns an area substantially similar to that already subject to a selective licensing designation and which is due to end on 20 April 2016. It is proposed that the new designation would begin on 21 April 2016 and last for five years.

What is a selective licensing designation?

Local housing authorities, such as Thanet District Council, have the discretionary power to designate an area for the purposes of selective licensing if certain legal tests are met. Once an area has been designated, all privately rented homes within the area must be licensed with the council (unless subject to statutory exemption). A selective licensing scheme requires private landlords to comply with a range of licence conditions to ensure good property management. Selective licensing does not apply to owner-occupied or housing association homes.

Why is the council proposing to do this?

The area in question suffers from a wide range of entrenched problems that arose out of many years of socio-economic change; a situation that is not uncommon in other coastal communities. As one of the most deprived areas in England, it suffers from high levels of crime and anti-social behaviour, low housing demand, and poor housing conditions. Selective licensing can provide additional powers to help the council tackle poorly managed privately rented property. As around 70% of the accommodation is in the private rented sector (national average 19%), improved management standards in this sector should contribute to an overall improvement in living conditions in the area. This should lead to a better quality of life for residents in all tenures.
The current scheme, which was introduced in 2011, has been successful in bringing about improvements in housing management and conditions. There is now a greater number of safe and well-managed homes in the private sector. The scheme has also contributed to wider benefits, such as a reduction in anti-social behaviour. However, owing to the high level of non-compliance being experienced, progress has been slower than expected. Many landlords have been reluctant to comply with the scheme and so enforcement activity has remained high. There remains much to be done and the initial five-year designation will not provide enough time in which to effect long-lasting change in the area.
Download Selective Licencing Proposal PDF

How can I have my say?

The council wants your views and comments on this proposal. A ten-week public consultation will run from 17 August 2015 to 26 October 2015.
Complete the consultation questionnaire to have your say.
or email: Alternatively, you can write to us at:
Thanet District Council
Selective Licensing
PO Box 9
A final decision as to whether to make a selective licensing designation, or not, will only be made after the council has carefully considered all the responses received during the consultation.


  1. The spirit of the scheme is admirable, many aspects of its implementation are woeful, TDC on the one hand are imposing standards over and above national legislation, yet in some of their own housing stock have ignored fire safety regulations for 9 years and chosen to allow flagrant breaches by leaseholders in respect of conversions.
    Perhaps leading by example would inspire greater confidence.

  2. One rule for one,... one rule for another


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