Friday, 24 July 2015

The Two Halves Micro Pub Margate

Tuesday Evening was spent drinking real Ale. Heather and I parked in the Turner Centre Car Park and she pushed me along past the steps where people were sitting in the early evening sunshine and we crossed at the crossing and straight in the door of the Two Halves Margates latest latest business to open its doors in the world famous Old Town. Local Lad Shaun Smethers opens The Two Halves officially on Friday but we were invited to one of the preview nights and we were greeted by the sound of laughter and people chatting to their mates. No Juke Box or big screen TV here just Real Ale Craft Cider and Wine plus the sounds of people enjoying themselves. I have been frequenting Pubs for near on fifty years and The Two Halves took me back in time to days when talking rather than texting was how people communicated.
The beer was the star of the show
The Barrels are treated with reverence stored in a temperature controlled room with a window that allows Shaun to be in full view as he pours your beverage of choice. I had two halves in The Two Halves. The beers were both local, being brewed in Saint Nicholas at Wade and having only traveled seven miles to be poured into my glass it won on two fronts taste and also the green front beer miles has just become important to me. The Saint Nicholas brew was Roys Best and the other was from Maidstones Rockin Robin Brewery. I noticed barrels of Gads waiting to be tapped and also those around me tried the bottled ciders and some special lager made with champagne yeast. Wine was flowing and then someone bought in a cake. It was great, those who follow this blog will know I am a sucker for cake. All of a sudden my wife tells me its time to go and with a tinge of regret I was wheeled out into the early evening sunshine and a Margate sunset. I look forward to my next evening in The Two Halves.
Shaun opens to the public tonight at 5;00pm.

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  1. That looks like a fine micro-brewery and I rediscovered how much I enjoyed a glass of cider on our last trip back, every night! ;)


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