Monday, 27 July 2015

Staycation in Thanet and Kent

Botany Bay Broadstairs

Margate Harbour sunsets

I am a great advocate of holidaying here in the UK. I love Thanet with a passion and recon Margate Broadcasters and Ramsgate among the best places to spend a holiday. I personally prefer to take my holidays here in England and over the years I have had camping holidays up and down the country. I have towed caravans and trailer tents and I have stayed in hotel's etc and visited lots of our English landmarks with my family in the last forty years. I have been soaked I have been sunburned and all points in between. I have had some great times and when our children meet up with people that shared those heady holidays conversation often gets round to the fun times they shared twenty years ago.
I am not decrying people spend their hard earned cash jetting off to far flung places. Far from it, I am only pointing out the beauty we have here at home. In particular the beauty of Thanet the little corner of Kent that I call home. Kent has some fantastic places to visit and marvellous places to stay. As I said myself with a blog titled Promote Thanet I would prefer people to flock to Thanet. But my favourite seaside town is Hastings after Margate of course but I have some great memories of Hastings and Brighton. So I am not so defensive of Thanet that I cannot bring myself to mention anywhere else. No Britain has some wonderful places I have some fond memories of places in England Scotland and Wales and by promoting the staycation I can get others to mould their own memories. As I write this a conversation had over forty years ago has just popped into my mind. A chap I worked with all those years ago had holiday his family fortnight in Tintagel but I still remember him telling me about it  all these years later.
And staycation holidays help the local economies, money spent creates jobs and many local people benefit from keeping it local.
I used to play a game trying to work out how many people are supported by investing your money in local independent retailers and businesses. Cash spent in the local independents stays local where as national retailers the percentage often just works out at shop assistants wages and the rest heads off to a head office far away and often profits head out of the county all together.
Stay local spend local and support local. It's not easy to do but it supports so many.

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