Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Garden Birds empty all of our feeders

A trip to the bird food shop is much needed. Every feeder in the Garden is empty!! Even the birdbath is dry a pigeon just turned up for a drink and had a big disappointment if I bird could look confused this particular one did. I know I should have bought more supplies but its Heather  who does the shopping and she only has two hands or so she keeps telling me. I will need to get the empty feeders in and wash them out to prevent any contamination. The next thing I need to make is a Bug Hotel I have got Heather to make a twig pile which the sparrows love visiting. I hope to photograph my efforts at a Bug Hotel, it should be interesting sitting in a wheelchair cutting sticks to length but where there is a  will there is a way.
I also have just come from the RSPB website where I was reading about Mealworm breeding. They have a great section on how to breed your own Mealworms and offer fantastic advice on what to feed your birds and making space for Nature in your garden. I cant see me being allowed to have a Mealworm farm in the dinning room any time soon so if like me breeding Mealworms is out of the question do what I do and but them the birds in your garden will love them. A lot has been said of late about the demise of the humble Hedgehog, I am not going to rewrite what has already been said but a visit to the BRITISH HEDGEHOG PRESERVATION SOCIETY will give you lots of information on how you can help this endearing and wonderful creature. Springwatch on the red button are talking Hedgehog today

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