Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Broad Beans Progress Update

A couple of weeks ago I posted about growing some Broad Beans in plastic beakers. They were just lonely little beans in a clear plastic cup with a bit of kitchen roll and the grandchildren (and the adults) made them comfortable little beds to rest in and then added water. Nature has run its course and those lonely little Broad Beans are now all in leaf bar one. Guess who's got the biggest bean? ME yep mine is so large when I got downstairs this morning it had over balanced and was on the floor! I am glad I hadn't added soil to the cups because I would have been in trouble. The next job will be to transfer them to a Grow Bag. Not to be confused with GroBags for babies which was the first thought of one of my daughter when I said we can grow them in Grow Bags. Anyone out there that has never encountered Baby Grobags look on the Mothercare website I refuse to be drawn into this stupidity. So later today Beans in Growbags and then Broad Beans on plates, yippee happy days.

My Bean is Biggest

Heathers Bean is catching up

from the internet Beans in Bags

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