Monday, 22 June 2015

Been Proper Poorly I even missed Dreamland opening

I have not been feeling very well and as a consequence I have not blogged about the opening of Dreamland. I have been proper poorly!! But enough about me the best news is that finally Dreamland is open. The regeneration of  Margate is still in full swing. Our family were there, our son had queued early one morning weeks ago when the tickets first went on sale. Those tickets had proved to be popular as the opening night party was a huge success. The park was mobbed with visitors both old and young and even though the historic Scenic Railway was not fully operational it mattered not one jot the people were enjoying this milestone night. The park is being restored in stages and this was just the culmination of the first of those stages and there will be many planed improvements to Dreamland. In have only heard good news about this fantastic evening and even when the time came to say good night the crowds then spilled out and filled the bars and restaurants of  Margate. To quote one of my family it was a win win night for Margate.

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Map from Dreamland Website

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  1. And a good time was had by all. So sorry to hear you have been poorly Don. I hope you have a much better week.


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