Tuesday, 12 May 2015

UKIP controls Thanet council

I won't hide my dislike for UKIP I think they are a bunch of right wing neo fascists with little England mentality and long for the days of Empire and there ideas belong to the forties the eighteen forties. Women knew their place and immigrants were servants. Voting for democracy  was a long way off and people knew their place and we doffed our hat to our betters. How exactly this vision of Colonel blimp and the District Council will pan out is anyone's guess but I don't see it ending well. Rascist views will be recorded on cameras so I expect the council meetings to be in the most watched charts and clips appearing and going viral YouTube compilations. I may well be surprised but there again?


  1. I had a fear UKIP would take the Council but that result is astounding. My worry is over Manston, that they will push ahead to CPO without having properly considered what they are doing. The first words on this aren't encouraging, giving the impression they have spoken without reading the detailed documentation and legal advice that the Council holds.

  2. Don, I often respect your views but here you are indulging in the very bigotry you seek to criticise, branding all people the same because of their political allegiance. You are also factually incorrect for immigrants in the 19th and 20th century were mainly European or Jewish, fleeing oppression elsewhere, and many built good lives and businesses here. They were certainly not slaves or servants. Perhaps you are confusing immigration with the slave trade of a century before. Those unfortunates did not immigrate, they were taken against their will to the Americas in the main.

    How UKIP will work out locally in governance remains to be seen but TDC can hardly influence immigration or restore the Empire so try not to worry too much. More likely that they will tackle issues like restoring Manston as an airport and bringing business back to the Port of Ramsgate.

  3. William I shouldn't take the comments as factual much the same as Nigel Farrage blames arriving late on immigrants. What I am concerned with is the future of Thanet and our progress and the future of the area. TDC has had some very bad press under all parties and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I want to see financial growth and investment in Thanet and it UKIP can do thatn I indeed will doff my cap to them. First lets see if they can escape the Rascist extremists tag they have been given. Then if they can work for the good of Thanet they may gain respect but until then I remain sceptical.


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