Sunday, 17 May 2015

Ramsgate Operation Dynamo 22nd-24th May

I spend a great deal of time on the internet and a lot of my information comes via the world wide web. Todays visit to Twitter led me to Lola And Company. I love Lola she is a Vintage Citreon H van that has been lovingly restored and turned into a catering van offering sustenance at local events. Lola and I were tweeting about Forts Cafe home made ice cream and how good it is. From that exchange of tweets I ended up on Lolas website   And from there I learn Lola is going to be  at the Operation Dynamo celebrations next weekend 22nd-24th May. She will be by the entrance to Ramsgate Tunnels I hope to get over to Ramsgate and see Lola and maybe have a look at the small boats.

Twitter Links
Fort's Café @FortsCafe

 Lola and Company @LolaandCompany

 Ramsgate Tunnels @RTunnels 

Dunkirk small ships will be in Ramsgate

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