Thursday, 7 May 2015

Election day is here

I have posted my vote I have tweeted lots of support and written several blog posts urging people to vote. I have done my bit but one last resort I ask you to pick up your ballot paper and head out to cast your vote. This election is important but there again every election is important. I could tell you about the fight to get women the vote or say about people around the world who have lost their life in a struggle to be free to vote. But my best quip is VOTE BECAUSE YOU CAN.  I doubt my single vote will amount to much but join that one vote of mine with millions of others and it becomes a huge vote one that can change things.

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  1. Here, here Don! It is so important to get out there and vote. I do the same thing when the time comes. People can't moan if their man/woman doesn't get in if they didn't go and put their ballot into the box. Denise xxx


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